​​​Welcome to Uganda Asians International Friends (UAIF). 

This website is your perfect starter in finding old
Ugandan and

East African friends and a great chance to make new ones from across the world.

Globalization brings each one of us closer together and fast.

Understanding social media is the future key to our collective destiny.

At Uganda Asians International friends - Our mission is fun, friendship, knowledge and decency.
Our aim is to discuss common issues of interest of this group.

A common past is an excellent platform to start and maintain new friendships.

We aim to share current topics, from the social to the political. 

We  have various sister forums where we listen to music from old Bollywood to current pop songs, we discuss issues that affect our common  community.

For those of you who are interested in foods we have an active and vibrant section on mouth watering items.
Our Gardening group adds a breath of fresh air with its superb supply of photos of most beautiful flowers, plants and gardens.

For those interested in seeking inner peace and tranquillity, our devotional group provides regular supply of enriching religious knowledge and music, including Bhajans and  Prayers of various denominations.

We discuss health issues and exercise. Infact we discuss and enjoy such a vast range of topics that it would be impossible to list all.

The membership is easy, please fill in the form on our contact page.Once we receive your  email our administration team will get working to make you a full member. All membership is subject to approval by the UAIF committee.

We look forward to your participation on our friendly forum soon.




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​The UAIF is proud to announce that we are sponsored by Polio children. Please check out their wonderful work at  www.poliochildren.org

We are celebrating our annual group gathering this year on Saturday the 21st of May 2016, at the C&L Country club, West End Road, Northolt, Middlesex, UB5 6RD. Please inbox Jatin Oza on your Facebook's INBOX for ticket and payment or just call us on 07958622405 


Please find below video footage of when the UAIF members were invited to the Uganda High Commission in August 2015 to discuss Business opportunities in Uganda, the footage is in three parts.

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